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[Mai Kobo] Ai Mai plate, two-part dyeing, natural cedar 30cm

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A plate made of natural cedar with partial indigo dyeing.
By applying a waterproof coating material that complies with the Food Sanitation Law,
Not only does the indigo dye not come off, but it also improves hygiene.
This unique plate full of functional beauty will transform your dining table into a rich scene.

Material: Natural cedar
Processing: Indigo dyeing + Cerawood coating Waterproof painting Size: Diameter 30cm x height 2cm
Production: Mai Kobo (Tokushima Prefecture)

[What is Ikabari]
In Tokushima, the area from the roots of a tree to about 1 meter above the ground is called this.
For high-quality furniture and building materials, we harvest trees that are at least 1 meter above the ground, where they grow straight. This is because the grain of the wood is even on straight parts, giving it a uniform appearance.
On the other hand, the ``ikabari'' part of the tree's roots shows that the tree is trying to spread its roots underground.
Due to its disordered and unbalanced grain, it has not been treated as a high-quality wood, but Mai Kobo believes that this is where the wood's original character lies.
Since the amount that can be collected from one root is small, the number of dishes that can be made is also small.
I would be happy if you could feel the life of a single tree and the beauty of its vitality in this disordered wood grain.

[Please read before ordering]
●It has improved heat resistance, water resistance, and durability thanks to the Cerawood coating waterproof material that complies with the Food Sanitation Law, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.
●As it is a natural material, the grain and color of each piece will vary.
●Please refrain from using microwave ovens, ovens, etc.
●For maintenance, wash with a soft sponge, etc., and wipe off moisture with a cloth.
●Because we use rare natural materials, you will need to wait approximately 2 months from order to delivery.
●Items may be shipped directly from Mai Kobo (Tokushima Prefecture) to the customer, or shipped from our company Edit Japan (Saitama).