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Regarding summer vacation

Revision of the price and delivery date of indigo dyed plates

We gave an indigo knife to Mr. Cub of TV Tokyo's ``Why are you going to Japan?''

“New traditions” make everyday life more enjoyable

Our aim is to re-edit the charm of Japan.
New made-in-Japan products created through collaboration between craftsmen from different industries,
It gives us a sense of security and an unprecedented level of stimulation that brings us closer to our roots.

artisan collaboration

Traditional crafts are old and look like they won't be used anymore...that image will be blown away. We offer innovative products that combine craftsmanship and perfectly fit modern lifestyles.

“Functional beauty” dwells in tradition

Indigo is said to have antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and lacquer not only increases the durability of wood, but there are also experimental results that show it has antiviral effects. Experience the functionality hidden in traditional techniques.

New Made in Japan

Japan is a country with a rich history and technological prowess. By collaborating with craftsmen and using the functional beauty of traditional techniques, we continue to bring new excitement to Japanese manufacturing.

  • TV interview

    Hirunandesu (Nippon Television)
    Broadcast on May 9, 2018

  • magazine

    ・Mono Magazine (Photopress)
    April 16, 2017 issue
    ・Perfect Day (Kodansha)
    Fall 2018 issue
    ・Mono Master (Takarajimasha)
    July 2020 issue
    ・How to utilize BASE120% (Takarajimasha)
    April 2021

  • WEB media

    ROOMIE January 2017

    One Story April 2017

    70 Seeds September 2018

    Sheage August 2019

    iichi July 2020

    70 Seeds 2021

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Ai knife concept movie


Free after-sales service

We provide 1 year free after-sales service for Ai Knife after purchase.

What is noteworthy is that both "blade spillage" and "sharpening" are handled free of charge.

Of course, even after one year has passed, we provide long-term after-sales service for a fee, so don't worry about that.

gift wrapping

For Ai knives, we accept gift wrapping using Tosa Washi paper, which is considered one of the three major types of Japanese paper.

Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a culture of giving knives at celebratory occasions as a gift to ward off evil and misfortune and bring good fortune. Please feel free to use it as a gift to "open up" your future life brightly!

Click here for wrapping details

Insert name

You can add text (your name or message) to the knife blade.

Please consider our services that allow you to create a special feeling by giving it as a gift to a loved one or using it as your own favorite item.

Click here for details on name engraving

EDIT JAPAN concept

The name "EDIT JAPAN"
It has the meaning of "wanting to re-edit the charm of Japan".

It's not just the visuals that are functional. Exploring the possibilities of "Japanese-style functional beauty." Creating new value can shine a light on the labor industry and provide inspiration to the craftsmen and artists involved.

In addition to knives, our online shop also sells
We introduce products from a variety of manufacturers.
Please come and experience the true power of Japanese craftsmen.

Edit Japan Teruyuki Sakamoto