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Single sale of sheaths (sheaths/knife cases)

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This is a single sheath of an indigo knife.

We have started selling the Ai knife because we found out that there are some people who bought the knife separately and only wanted the scabbard afterwards.

Choose from the options that match your knife. We will send you the sheath that suits you.

<Compatible products>
・Ai knife・Santoku A (Santoku)
・Ai knife/Santoku B (new Santoku, new all-purpose knife)
・Ai knife・Gyuto 21cm (Gyuto 21cm, New Gyuto 21cm)
・Ai knife・Gyuto 24cm (Gyuto 24cm, new Gyuto 24cm)
・Indigo knife Petty (Petty, new Petty)
・Ai knife, Nakiri, Ai knife, Usuba, Ai knife, Deba 18cm
・Ai knife・Funeyuki 15cm
・Ai knife・Funeyuki 16.5cm
・Ai knife, Yanagi blade 24cm for right-handed users ・Ai knife, Yanagi blade 24cm for left-handed users ・Ai knife, Yanagi blade 27cm for right-handed users ・Ai knife, Yanagi blade 30cm for right-handed users

・This is a sheath exclusively for the Ai knife.
・It may not fit knives other than Ai knives.
-After purchasing, we cannot accept returns or refunds for reasons such as the size of the knife does not match your own knife, which is not an indigo knife, so please check carefully before purchasing.
-Ai knives and Kurouchi series are not compatible due to their thick blades.
・The 2nd to 4th images are images of the cobald stainless steel knife with the sheath attached.
The scabbard you have selected will be sent to you.