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[30 minutes] Phone/ZOOM consultation

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This service allows you to consult directly by phone or ZOOM.
Edit Japan representative Sakamoto will answer your questions.

Up until now, we have provided consultation via telephone and ZOOM as an external service, and have received high praise from many customers, and we are proud of our reliability and track record.
We have kept our prices lower than what we have been providing with external services so that we can provide casual consultations.

<Example of consultation content>
・I feel like I need to do something, but I don't know where to start
・I would like to discuss issues and direction first.
・I want to start an online shop, so I would like some help.
・I want to find a market overseas and increase sales.
・I want to create a product that will become a hot topic.
・I want to plan products that are full of concepts and stories.
・I want to try crowdfunding
・I want to hold pop-up events and live streaming

<How to purchase>
・When you purchase this product, you can download the digital file.
・The digital file contains representative Sakamoto's email address and ZOOM link.
・First of all, please tell us the following by email.
① Name
② Outline of consultation content
③ Desired consultation date and time (Please select three options within 2 business days from the date of purchase)

・Available hours are Monday to Saturday, 10:00 to 18:00.
・Please note that there are days and times when we are not available depending on the week.
・Consultation information is for reference only and does not guarantee results.
・After purchasing this product, we will contact you via email to adjust the schedule.
・ Showing your face on ZOOM is optional (you can also choose to show Sakamoto's face)
・Consultations by phone or email are also possible.
・For email consultations, up to 3 round trips are allowed.
・Please note that we are unable to provide refunds after the consultation is complete.
・We may be able to extend the consultation time slightly (about 5 to 10 minutes), but please note that we may not be able to accommodate longer consultation times.

[Option] About the special case (sheath)

Option price: 10,000 yen (12,000 yen for Yanagi blade)

This is a sheath exclusively for the Ai knife. The scabbard is also dyed with indigo. If you have the opportunity to carry a knife, please consider this.

The material of the sheath is "Honoki".

*We prepare sheaths according to the type and length of the blade.

*It may not fit knives other than Ai knives.

*After purchase, we cannot accept returns or refunds for reasons such as the size of the knife does not match your own knife, which is not an Ai knife.

[Optional] About Tosa Washi gift wrapping

Option price: 500 yen

We also offer gift wrapping using Tosa washi paper as an option. Please use it as a present for your loved ones.

You can also add a gift (5 yen coin) as an option. We recommend this as it is a typical Japanese way of giving a gift that conveys the wish that your relationship will last forever.

Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a culture of giving knives at celebratory occasions as a gift to ward off evil and misfortune and bring good fortune. Please continue to use it to "open up" a bright future.

[Optional] About the name engraving service

Option price: 1,000 yen

You can add text (your name or message) to the knife blade. Text can be added to all lineups of Ai knives currently on sale. This service allows you to create a special feeling by giving it as a gift to a loved one or as your own favorite item.

There is a detailed explanation of the name engraving on the page below, and please purchase from the page below.

Click here for the name page

About shipping, delivery, and delivery date

■Shipping fee

Nationwide flat rate: 1,000 yen

*Free shipping for some set items

■Delivery method

Sagawa Express / Courier

■Delivery date

Each Ai knife is finished one by one after an order is placed, so it takes time.

Items marked as ready-to-deliver: Ship within 2 business days.

Items that are not marked as ready-to-deliver ①: Regular items shipped in 7 to 10 days (mainly stainless steel knives)

Items that are not marked as ready-to-deliver ②: Items that normally take more than 2 weeks (mainly steel knives)

Items marked as "Sold Out" may take some time to arrive.

Each piece is handmade by craftsmen, so steel, wood, and monthly production quantities are limited.

About handling methods and precautions

<Handling method/Precautions>
-Wood grain and indigo dyeing may vary slightly from piece to piece.

・The indigo dye will not ooze out due to the waterproof coating that complies with the Food Sanitation Act.

・Please note that the waterproof coating may peel off if subjected to strong impact.

- Trying to cut hard or frozen items may cause the blade to spill.

・Do not heat the blade.

・Please do not use the dishwasher.

- After washing with a neutral detergent, remove the moisture thoroughly and let it air dry.

Thoughts on Ai knives

There is a reason why I decided to create a knife with a new concept called the Ai knife.

I wanted to make Japanese knives more hygienic, and I wanted to stimulate the manufacturing industry and craftsmen by creating new value.

In order to create value that is unaffected by time and culture, we decided to develop products centered on functionality and people.

When it comes to tools, functionality is more important than design. It involves people, not machines. I thought that something that is spontaneous and unique to humans, and in a sense resembles folk art, would resonate with the hearts of those of us who are tired of mass production and mass consumption. Possibilities created by craftsmen who would otherwise never have met.

We hope that the value of collaboration with artisans can be conveyed to everyone through the Ai knife!