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gift wrapping

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Gift wrapping using Japanese paper.
Please use it as a present for your loved ones.

You can also add a 5 yen coin as an option.
It is a uniquely Japanese gift that conveys the wish that ``the relationship will last forever.''

*If you would like to receive a gift, please write so in the "Notes" section on the second page of the order screen.

Since ancient times in Japan, there has been a culture of giving knives at celebratory occasions as a gift to ward off evil and misfortune and bring good fortune. Please continue to use it to "open up" your life brightly.

*Wrapping paper specifications may change.
*Please purchase as many bottles as you need wrapping.

▼Precautions when purchasing multiple items▼
Wrapping will be "individually wrapped". Each bottle will be placed in a box and each item will be individually wrapped.

If you would like to wrap only one item when purchasing multiple items sold individually or as a set, please write which item you would like wrapped in the notes section (special instructions for store) on the cart screen. .